Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confessions of a lousy blogger and oh yes, a few shop pics...

When I started this blog I new nothing about blogging. I'm still learning the ropes, like take your camera EVERYWHERE and always have replacement batteries for camera ect.ect.  I have the best of intentions every week to take before and after pics and give decorating and painting tips. HOWEVER, I have a little problem with patience (gasp) and halfway through a project I will think: hmm that would have made a great makeover post.  I am trying to improve and in fact, check back Monday for some pictures of my house and some summer decorating ideas.  For tonight, though, I have a few pictures from the shop (someone's batteries went dead. I told you, lousy blogger) As always, click on pictures twice to enlarge :)
 Anyhoo, hope to see you this weekend! The shops are loaded with goodies!