Tuesday, January 1, 2013

some new year's resolutions to consider...

Happy 2013! I love a fresh start, don't you?  A clean slate...what a beautiful thing!

Just in case you don't have enough resolutions to start the new year we've thought of a few more :)!

1. Make your home uniquely YOU! So many of us decorate our homes to impress our friends, family, ect...and forget that WE are the ones who LIVE there and obviously spend the most time there.
Instead of copying a photo off of Pinterest (we all do it) take inspiration from a photo instead and work in pieces and accessories that you LOVE. My favorite decorating style: eclectic...just a fancy word for a home filled with things picked out and loved by you and your family. How do you know if you got it right?  If you feel joy every time you walk into your home.....that's it!!!!!  Happy decorating!
2. Make your home welcoming and cozy. In my home there is always music playing, a candle burning, books and magazines strewn about and quite often a cup of coffee brewing! The more lived-in your home feels the more welcoming it will feel.
3. Open your home to others. This is on the top of my list this year....to be more hospitable.  I struggle with this a lot.....afraid for anyone to see my house in less than perfect condition {which is always ;).  Remember, the lived-in look is always more welcoming!  Your home is not a museum...

From our home to yours....may this be a blessed year for you and your family!