Saturday, December 29, 2012


Toasty feet by the fire
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This year I have decided to give winter another try. We've never been close, winter and I.    
              Summer is and has always been my great love, but a girl can change right?

Slowing down has never come easy for me and winter demands it. After all, who wants to leave the house and it's cozy fireplace, warm blankets and hot tea when it's 30 degrees outside?

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This year I will embrace winter with open arms and relish in hot cocoa, snuggling on the sofa with sweet Olivia, relaxing mornings spent perusing Pinterest and enjoying multiple cups of coffee....
It's not been easy, with this crazy, last minute shop move that we are smack-dab in the middle of, but I'm trying and I must say enjoying it...
Here's to a relaxing 2013 and .......slowing. down.
See you January 12'th at our new's our GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!!
107 W. Clay St. in charming Downtown Mebane