Tuesday, April 12, 2011

blast from the past...for Junk Files #4 here's a repost from a couple of years ago...'cause time just slipped away from me this week!

  I get lots of requests from customers for before and after pics of some of the pieces that I sell at the shop.  Well check out this beauty.  Oh wait, that's the before.  I must say that these pictures don't do justice to the before or the after of this piece~my camera just doesn't take good outdoor shots.
 My husband is used to me saying: "Pull over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I see good junk!!!"  However, when I asked hime to go around the block to pick up this lovely little cabinet from the curb,  he was slightly skeptical to say the least.  I was just thinking that this would be a great start to our makeover 
 I first had David measure the bottom and back which we fitted with luan .  Luan is a very thin wood, easy to cut with a table or circular saw and you can usually find small pieces at Lowes or Home Depot in the craft wood section.  It's perfect for furniture backing and I also use it to make my chalkboards.

 This morning, I used some old picket fence pieces that we had left over from another project and screwed them to the top.  I also glued and clamped any loose veneer.
 Spackle how do I love thee??????????????  It is one of my best and dearest friends.
 Since this piece was missing it's doors, I took off the old hardware and also filled those holes.
 I got this little piece of decorative scalloped trim at a craft store and used some brads (tiny nails) to tack it in.
 Well, here she is now~quite the charmer and again I say the picture does not do her justice. I used some tension rods and tea-stained rose fabric for "doors" which is always an easy and sweet fix for any piece missing it's original doors.  It's hard to tell with the sun shining, but I painted it a cottage green and whitewashed the top boards and then coated them with butcher block wax to make it water resistant.

 Oh yes, I could not have accomplished this mission without my two hunky carpenters...(that's spackle on Noah's shirt)

 And when I got home, I was greeted at the door with this precious sight!  Don't you just love the way she's gazing lovingly at her dolly!!  My sweet Olivia!!  Hope you've all enjoyed the pics~now get out there and fix up some junk!!!