Thursday, February 24, 2011

{New stuff}

{Great old blue screen door}

{The Cottage girls have been adding lots of new goodies}

{Jeannie brought in this great old butcher block last week}

{lovely upholstered bench~7'long}

{Made a fresh new batch of lavender bath salts this week}

{pretty curvy cabinet}

{Gorgeous vintage garden set~table and 4 chairs}

{I love these old chippy chairs~white with blue underneath}

{Hall table/buffet}

 Do you ever wonder about the conversations your neighbors have about you?  I was pondering this as I cut these branches from my Bradford Pear tree in the rain this afternoon. {They are BUDDING!!!}  Mine probably didn't think it was strange at all.  Let's just say they have seen worse.  Like on a 30 degree day in November when I was putting dead branches in metal buckets. The lady next door came over and as she watched me said: "Now honey, you know they ain't gonna come back to life right?" Little did she know how pretty they looked at the Christmas Open House painted silver with little white lights. 

Yesterday when she came over she didn't even ask why I was growing grass in my picture window.  Hey,this girl just needs a little green in her life right now~you can have some too~these little guys will be at the shop this weekend.  Hope to see YOU this Friday and Saturday!Hurry up Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!