Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Junk Files #3...

Today's rescue is this beat-up vintage porch swing which was destined for the landfill when I found it. Although it was long past it's prime for it's intended use, I loved the charming details and the scrumptious original chippy paint.  Just because something isn't functional anymore doesn't mean it can't be used decoratively :). Porch swings just scream SUMMER to me and I love to imagine a hot summer night before air-conditioning when the whole family would gather on the front porch to cool off and chat about their day. For sappy, sentimental reasons alone, I can't stand to bypass an old porch swing ;)
First, I cut the back off with my trusty jigsaw.

this is the seat of the swing turned upside down...I'm thinking shelf?....
Next step, I used a combination of my garden hose and a wire brush to remove the dirt and loose paint.

My side-kick...I love having her company while I work and she loves the sounds of all my power tools!

I hung the back piece vertically next to my back steps where it pops against the blue siding.

My favorite transformation is the seat of the swing which I turned into a charming shelf. It fit perfectly on an
awkward wall in my kitchen and is just deep enough to hold a few of my favorite things without blocking the traffic path through the room.

Come back next Monday and watch us turn BAD junk into AWESOME JUNK!!!
And stop throwing stuff away....REPURPOSE it!!!!!