Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Junk Files :)

Today I'm starting a new feature which will appear each and every Monday here on this neglected little blog!
The Junk Files, don't ya love that name?!  I find bad junk everyday and turn it into 'good' junk :).  My favorite thing in the world is taking UGLY stuff and turning it into a treasure. I promise to photograph one project a week and share it with my loyal followers :)!

Week #1: UGLY vintage washstand
 One of my pickers offered this sad gal to me twice for $5 bucks. When I turned it down the 3'rd time, he asked if I would just take it off his hands. Well, free is free. These are the kind of pieces that gave me my start when I didn't have 2 pennies to rub together. I would take curbside junk and fix it up and there is no better feeling IN THE WORLD than saving something from the landfill! I've been turning away these kind of projects for years, but when I brought this piece home and started working on it I remembered why I do what I do! FOR THE LOVE OF JUNK!!! My passion is renewed and while I can't dedicate a lot of my time to fixer-uppers anymore, I can surely do one a week...and thus The Junk Files was born!

 The doors were broken so I removed the hinges and filled the holes.

 A good cleaning and sanding...
 and then the paint {I heart Chalk Paint}...

 Because of the missing doors, I added a tension rod with a vintage scrap of barkcloth for a skirt...
Glass knobs of course...

 Isn't she cute?!!!

Don't forget the drawers! I like to line them with vintage ephemera and book pages using Modge Podge.
This sweet piece will be available at the shop Thursday, April 4'th for $95 :)

I have had to disable my comments tab because of spammers :( so direct your questions and comments HERE!   See you next week!