Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trash to treasure....rainy afternoon craft...

Ok, this is not rocket science. Or terribly creative. Ok, it's probably a craft you did in kindergarten, but hey, I have an obsession with saving cans and bottles and all kinds of stuff that has the potential for cuteness.  My daughter, Olivia goes through about 4 cans a day of Pediasure and I hate throwing them away...sooooo...

peel off the labels and use a can opener to remove the whole lid {watch out for sharp parts}. If you have not hoarded pediasure cans for a month you can use veggie or soup cans too.
leftover paint, pretty fabric tape found here and some bits and bobs from my collection....use anything you have~

SEE!!! I told you they would be cute!  Go make some of your own!  How about making some with your kiddos for their school pencil holders?!  CRAFTING IS FUN and don't ya just love saving something from the trash!

Use them for vases, utensil holders ect. These are going on my desk for pens, scissors, gluesticks you name it :)