Thursday, March 29, 2012

Q & A

Soooo, since I forgot to take my camera to the shop today and get some new pics, I decided to do this long planned post~our most frequently asked questions at Nest, and some answers of course :)
1. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY are you only open 2 days a week? Argggggggggggggggggggggggh!!

ANSWER:       Well................several reasons of course :)  When I first opened the shop it was always meant to be a very part time hobby, my first job being a mommy, which, by-the-way is the most important job ever{and the hardest}. Now obviously as the shop has grown and  we now have a nurse who works 6 days a week helping with Olivia's care ,things have changed.  The shop is now my full time job and it takes every bit of the 5 days a week we AREN'T open,  to shop for new merchandise, paint/repurpose/refinish furniture, reorganize the shop ,market the shop, do the blog/FACEBOOK/emails, paperwork and get it ready for our two-day weekend!  Sheeeew. I am aware that most people would hire someone and of course that makes perfect sense, but my heart and soul are in this shop and I want my hands in EVERYTHING!  My mom works on Fridays and Hannah and I work both Fri. and Saturday. There are downsides to running a business this way: LESS MONEY. Ok. That's pretty much it {except for the occasional disgruntled customer}.  The upside:  less overhead, more time to be spent on the little details, running my business {my heart} the way I choose.  {btw~I am very humbled by your wishes for us to be open more. That is the affirmation I need that we are doing things right.}
2. Where in the world do you find all this stuff?????
ANSWER:    That is another upside to our quirky hours: the ability and time to hunt down treasures!  We frequent flea markets, estate sales, yard sales, antique shops, junk shops ect. ect. ect. for the perfect items for the shop.  We are VERY picky. If we like it WE BUY IT. hee hee!  Yes, we are having the time of our lives :)
3. "How do you describe your style?"
ANSWER:  shabby chic, rustic romance, farmhouse style.  So what does that mean?  Think of an old painted farm table with a gorgeous crystal chandelier hanging over it,  European linens on top of an old chippy iron bed,  an ivory and lace wedding dress paired with worn, vintage cowboy boots..... you seeing it yet?  The best of both worlds in my opinion ~old & new~~~

Well girls, those are officially our 3 most frequently asked questions. There are more, of course, which I will get to in another post {email me some if you like}

                                                        In the meantime ~never stop dreaming~ oh, and come see us this Friday and Saturday from 10-4~Lots of new stuff!!!!