Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well happy Thursday everybody! I was finally able to get at least a few pics up for ya!
You must try our fabulous premium potpourri, just in this week! A mixture of dried orange slices, rose hips, and cinnamon sticks, this highly fragranced mix will fill your home with delicious , cozy scent through the entire holiday season} Here at Nest we think it's perfectly acceptable to use silk flowers {as long as they are glued to lampshades} :)

We also believe that handmade gifts are the best kind~

And no matter what your past, a fresh coat of paint can give you a whole new beautiful life}

and you can NEVER have too many ruffles!

Sorry, but that's all the pics I could get up today, more coming next week. Hope you can make
it in to see us this week!